What Does Boarding School Cost?

Ninety-five percent of boarding school students reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their academic experience, compared to 86 percent of private day or public school students.

Two portraits of Tom Torlino

Death by Civilization

My mother died while surviving civilization. Although she outlived a traumatic childhood immersed in its teachings, she carried the pain of those lessons for her entire life. Like most Native American peoples, our family’s story is touched by the legacy of boarding schools, institutions created to destroy and vilify Native culture, language, family, and spirituality. My mother, Bernice, was a survivor of Saint Mary’s Catholic Indian Boarding School on the Ojibwe reservation in Odanah, Wisconsin. She called it the “Sister School,” a world ruled by nuns clad in long black robes.

Two hundred years ago, on March 3, 1819, the Civilization Fund Act ushered in an era of assimilationist policies, leading to the Indian boarding-school era, which lasted from 1860 to 1978. The act directly spurred the creation of the schools by putting forward the notion that Native culture and language were to blame for what was deemed the country’s “Indian problem.”

Native families were coerced by the federal government and Catholic Church officials into sending their children to live and attend classes at boarding schools. (About one-third of the 357 known Indian boarding schools were managed by various Christian denominations.) According to the Act’s text, Christian missionaries and other “persons of good moral character” were charged with introducing Native children to “the habits and arts of civilization” while encouraging them to abandon their traditional languages, cultures, and practices.

This is what achieving civilization looked like in practice: Students were stripped of all things associated with Native life. Their long hair, a source of pride for many Native peoples, was cut short, usually into identical bowl haircuts. They exchanged traditional clothing for uniforms, and embarked on a life influenced by strict military-style regimentation. Students were physically punished for speaking their Native languages. Contact with family and community members was discouraged or forbidden altogether. Survivors have described a culture of pervasive physical and sexual abuse at the schools. Food and medical attention were often scarce; many students died. Their parents sometimes learned of their death only after they had been buried in school cemeteries, some of which were unmarked.

Boarding School Tuition and Financial Assistance

Paying for boarding school tuition requires both careful financial planning and in-depth family discussion. As you view tuition and fees, keep in mind, boarding schools do offer financial assistance and they follow specific standards and guidelines for disbursements.

At first glance, they may appear expensive, but bear in mind the expenses you will no longer incur while your child is living away from home. Boarding school tuition and fees will cover everything from classes to room and board (meals), but also, transportation, clubs, activities, campus health care, and many other services. This means you won’t have to shuttle your son or daughter to sport practices, activities, or appointments. Boarding schools do it all and they do it 24/7.

While you compare schools and costs, make sure you contact the Admission Office to explore all of your financial options. Generally speaking, boarding schools offer need-based financial assistance, payment plans, loan options, and awards. They are committed to accessibility and affordability and will be sensitive to your concerns.

Teachers live in the dorms with students.

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Eton College

Some, like the U.K.’s Eton College, have strict dress codes. Many American boarding schools ask boys to wear jackets and ties to class, while others only require semi-formal attire on special occasions such as weekly seated dinners. Students are also usually required to take part in study hall and check in with the teachers they live with (aka "dorm parents") every night.

Carl Gorman – Boarding Schools

Carl Gorman

As a child, Carl Gorman attended the Rehoboth Mission School in New Mexico. Carl did not like the harsh rules or the way he and other children were treated, so he ran away. His father understood how he felt and did not make him return to Rehoboth. Later, Carl’s family sent him to the Albuquerque Indian School, where he thrived.

Frank Peshlakai, Carl Gorman, and his brother, Wallace Gorman, at the Rehoboth Mission School in New Mexico in 1917

Students stand at attention at the Albuquerque Indian School, about 1910

The Albuquerque Indian School football team in 1928

Charles Chibitty – Boarding Schools

Charles Chibitty

Charles Chibitty began his schooling at the Ft. Sill Indian School in Oklahoma. There he and the other Indian children were punished if they spoke their tribal languages. For high school he attended the Haskell Institute in Lawrence, Kansas. Tribal languages were allowed there, but the education was still very strict and militaristic.



Simple Tips on How to Write an Essay About Jazz Music

Are you worried about how to tackle your music analysis essay? You do not need to worry about how you will go about it. One thing that you need to know is that you do not need to have experience in such an assignment for you to pull it off. However, you only need some tips on how to do it. Or consult writing services reviews to get the best essay you need.

A music essay is similar to any other assignment. You need to have a plan on how you intend to write your essay and the steps that you need to follow. To help you write a quality music essay, here are some tips for you.

  • Understand the Piece

It will be challenging to start analyzing a piece of music when you have no idea what it is all about. Therefore, the first thing that you do is; listen to music. You can listen to the music you are supposed to analyze and brainstorm anything that you think might be necessary.

While listening, you can write down anything that you notice. For example, you can write about how the music makes you feel, rhythm changes, and instruments used, among others. However, you should pay attention to the music. Aim at having one paragraph covering the critical technical details of the music.

  • Check On the Lyrics

To come up with a detailed music analysis essay, you can print out the lyrics of the song. After you have printed the lyrics, start scrutinizing them well so that you can be familiar with every word in the song. Try to understand the main aim of music.

  • Do Research

Another thing that you need to do is research the social, historical, and political message of the song. You can check if the music you are analyzing has any life experience, knowledge of the music, world events, and any prevailing attitudes. Since this may affect your music interpretation in a big way.

  • Have Your Essay Written

Sometimes when I am writing a music analysis essay, I look for someone to write my essay for me on the web. They can prepare my essay for me at a small cost as I do other tasks. When you seek their help, they will ensure that they help you with your music paper.

They have experienced writers who will work on your paper from scratch. All you have to do is place an order with your assignment requirements and leave the rest to them. They have enough experience in tackling even the most challenging assignment.

  • Create An Outline

Once you have done your research and understood music, you can now write the first draft. Write your outline using what you have learned while listening as well as researching. Ensure that you adjust the style and tone of writing to fit the purpose.

While writing, you should ensure that you use technical terms so that your essay can feel better. After you are through with the outline, you are almost through. All that is left is to polish the draft by adding more details and getting rid of unnecessary information until you are satisfied.

  • Revise The Essay

Once you are through with writing your essay, revise your work to ensure that there are no grammatical errors. Ensure that it is flowing well, and sentence structures are correct. You can request someone to read it for you.


Writing a music analysis essay is a bit challenging. However, if you use the above tips, you can come up with a quality essay in a short time. So, use these tips in your next music analysis essay and score high grades.

Essay Writing – Guide to Writing an Essay about Pop Culture

Pop culture is referring to mainstream things that are transmitted through mass media, which are mostly aimed at young people. It can include anything going from sports to music, advertising, cyberculture, and anything of the sort.

Therefore, if you have to write an essay about it, you’re very likely to find a lot of information, thus having a lot of material for research. Not to mention, it can be a very pleasant process too, especially if there’s an artist, sport or movie that you love and would like writing about.

But the process of writing the actual paper may not be as easy as you want it to be, and now you feel stuck without even writing anything. How can you write an essay on pop culture? This article is packed with whatever you want to know.

Writing an Essay on Pop Culture – The Steps

  • Finding Your Topic

If all you were given was the broad “pop culture” topic, then you should be aware that you will have to find something more specific to write about. It could be about a famous singer’s career, a TV show that you enjoy, or something similar, but the thing to remember here is that it has to be very specific.

So, if you don’t really have anything in the pop culture that you’re into, then you have to research and find something before the essay. Don’t worry, pop culture is very wide, and you have chances of finding something that interests you. Once you find your topic, you can get to researching.

  • Brainstorm Your Ideas in an Outline

Once the research process is done, you need to make an outline and organize your ideas in such a way that they would flow nicely into each other. In the outline, you will have to place the thesis statement at the very beginning, which will be the introduction to the essay you’re about to write.

Then, the next parts will consist of 3 main paragraphs that combined create the body of the paper. These paragraphs are the most important parts because it’s where you will show off what you found out while researching pop culture.

Lastly, the outline should list the conclusion, which is the last part of the paper.

  • Introduce the Main Topic

Now that you have the outline, you are ready to start your essay, with the introductory paragraph. Here, you have to be very careful, because you need to leave a good first impression on your reader. Remember – first impressions matter, which is why you need to spark interest within the reader from the get-go.

If you fail at doing this, they will be uninterested in reading the rest, and you surely don’t want that. So, make a thesis statement that will tell them what they’ll gain by reading your essay about pop culture.

  • Write the Body Paragraphs

The body will be broken up into three main paragraphs, which will all present key points about the pop culture topic of your choice. Your research will be used to prove your points, after which you can bring your own opinion into the matter.

Keep in mind that you have to use some strong points to prove what you’re trying to say with the topic, so only use information that helps the subject in any way. If it would just serve as filler, then you should refrain from adding it to the essay.

Also, don’t forget that this is the largest part of the essay, so bring as much relevant information about pop culture as you can here.

  • Wrap Things Up

The last part of the essay is the conclusion, where you will summarize everything you’ve written about in the pop culture essay and finalize your argument this way. Don’t make it too long, because it’s unnecessary – all you have to do is show the reader that your goal has been reached and that they’ve learned new things about pop culture from your paper.

Can Writing Services Do My Essay?

If you see writing an essay as a burden that you have to overcome, then you can definitely seek the help of an essay writing service. These services take paper writing seriously, as they make sure to hire pros at writing who can help you with your pop culture essay.

To write my research paper I needed to turn to a research paper writing service, and that cost me money, but in the end, I was happy when I saw that good grade next to my name.

Final Thoughts

Pop culture is an interesting subject and you can have lots of fun writing about it, especially if you choose something that has caught your attention or that you love. That being said, make sure to follow our tips, and your pop culture essay should come out properly.