Water Street is a music blog about pop and shouting about it in squares. Its main focus is popular music but we’re working to expand the scope to cover the entire modern musical life. Water Street’s goal is to go beyond discussing physical spaces for the practice of collective musical life but to create a community. We want young and inspired people to meet up, hang out and create something cool together.

Here you will meet people who love pop and don’t care about words. And those who don’t like pop but likes the way we write about it. No matter if you are the one of those or like both – we say hello to you!

This blog explores modern music in terms of an artistic approach, through the notion of freedom and unity. And just like every artwork, Water Street has its own background – historical, cultural and ethnic. The blog is updated regularly with news from the world of music and the classic arts. We also share individual findings, discuss one’s thoughts and feelings. Our belief is that everyone is a great artist, they just need a trigger to awake that creative thought and an opportunity to ignite that fire. You’ll find no cruelty here, just a space for the sheer creativity.

Let art into your heart. Make music your language.