The Trans-Siberian Orchestra — an explosive and brilliant band

Hey, dudes! I want to share the late impressions of explosive, surprising Trans-Siberian band’s show.

The Trans-Siberian band that is well-known for holiday-themed rock and great light and pyrotechnic show are in their journey to grant us life-time performances. The Trans-Siberian began from metal band Savatage in 1995. The band has since then grown to lively stage performances at various regions across the US. The group two averages two months in a year that is, November and December. They have become so popular that they have been named the best-selling tour acts. In most of its concerts, the band plays a two-act show (a matinee and an evening performance).

The group does not only perform songs about Christmas, but also Christianity matters.
The Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2017 winter tour was thrilling, and the group performed in its popular audio-visual manner. It is determined to bring back its tale of “the ghosts of Christmas Eve.” Trans-Siberian is the reigning superstars of the rock opera. The rock music appealed to Christian fans though it was geared towards subjects of homecoming and family reunions. They are not overly religious. Like other performances, the band did not perform in the modest fashion. The dance of music and light was perfectly choreographed. There were multiple singers, flashy theatrics, video screens and laser lights that made the arena magnificent.

The band  members who influenced me musically were the two guitarists Chris Caffer and Alex Skolnick. The enchanted evening demonstrated how the two are talented and skilled. I got an opportunity to interact with them after the show. I was mesmerized at how they could play unique chord patterns in different keys. Through their interaction, I was encouraged to do lots of practice. They seem so much skilled probably because they have performed in many shows. They have worked with great artists that have had a significant influence on their skills. From the short interview session I had with them this is the response in their own words that I received from them to my questions.

“I believe that my music is important not only to our society but the whole world. Music is an important element for passing messages. From that evening’s performed we all got the sense of reunion and celebrating together Christmas as a family. In the same way that the band passed the message, my songs can also be used to spread out messages of love. I like singing songs that teach us to live our lives well. From my personal compositions, I have handled the topics of peace and unity. This is essential in spreading peace and encouraging unity. Thus, I believe that my music will go a long way in changing the world into a better place. Music is also a form of entertainment, just how the Trans-Siberian band rocked our evening. My music too is also important to entertain people of all kinds and generations. My songs do not target specific ages; they are both for the young and old.”

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